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Does the thought of Public Speaking bring on thoughts of fear, anxiety or lack of confidence in you? Are fears of attending interviews, leading meetings, confrontations, delivering presentations etc. preventing you from feeling free and living your life the way you want?


Well, me too! – I’m 30 years old and I’ve had enough


So, to address this issue, I want to be proactive and set up a weekly Self Help workgroup in the Harbord area with people who are experiencing the same issues as me.


Firstly, I want the meetings to provide an open, honest and comfortable forum that will enable us to talk about the issues we experience and how it is affecting us.


Secondly, and importantly, I want to set up scenarios within the workgroup that enable us to address and role play the events that trigger our individual fears and anxieties. If that means creating formal interview scenarios, best man speeches, business meetings, work presentations or confrontational situations, then that is what we’ll do. Although this may sound very daunting, it really doesn’t matter how nervous, embarrassed, or anxious we feel because we will all be in the same boat helping each other through. What I do know, however, is that we will feel liberated, more confident, and full of life when we confront, explore and challenge our fears!


I don’t see any financial costs for attending this workgroup other than splitting the cost of hiring a room if we need to – and this depends on the number of people who want to participate. As I’m actually addressing one of my own personal issues by organizing running this workgroup (!) I’ll gladly set up, organise and host the workgroup voluntarily. I also hope to attract people that can give us talks on the subjects of self-confidence and anxiety.


If you feel this workgroup would help you to address your fears and anxieties I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me via email at for introductions and further details.



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